About Us

Copenhaver Concrete: Your Concrete Experts

We specialize in commercial flatwork and offer an array of options for your residential, decorative, commercial, or agricultural concrete needs.

Everything we do is to enhance your property’s value and beauty. With our wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns, we custom construct every project to meet your needs.


On a Personal Level…

Darin Copenhaver was employed with G.E.Stauffer Concrete for five years where he learned the art of finishing flat work. Copenhaver Concrete was started in the fall of 2007. Copenhaver Concrete has been growing ever since, thanks to God’s blessings and loyal customers, with a special thanks to the workers and employees who have worked with us.

Darin met Bernice in 2005 and they were married in 2007. In March of 2010, they were blessed with a baby girl Kaylie. They reside in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.